Ever wondered how to create amazing Lightroom presets? Yeah me too, so I went online and researched my life into Lightroom. I am now addicted to it and love to create presets with it (here are some free simple ones). We can all agree that Lightroom is a powerful tool to work with. Adjusting the style and mood of images, get your photo to where you want them to be is a really entertaining thing to do (well at least for me). I'll explore some styles we see often & how to achieve them in Lightroom. Take note that not every editing style work with every photos just like a preset won't fit every photo.

1 - Bright / Clean

A style you see often, very minimalist and clean.

  • Very unsaturated yellows, greens, aquas & blues.

  • Bright yellows & greens.

  • Calibrate your greens to the right & desaturate it too. Play with your blue primary as well to give a little teal & orange

  • Pro Tip: add a little bit of teal in your shadows

Basically, It makes all the greens a nice little bright cute colour while preserving the warm colours.

2 - Teal & Orange / Amber & Teal

A look you really see everywhere, either fully or very subtly. It's a very popular technique in movies and for a reason.

Orange & Teal are opposites: They have a lot of contrast when they share a common space. Orange is warm, Teal is cool: Color Theory YAY! As humans, we see Warm colors first, it separates the subject from the background. Orange helps with skin tones: Our skin falls between the reds & yellow, and that goes for everyone. Orange puts en emphasis on it. Teal is distant: In real life, the more distant the object, the more blue the tone is. This means that the subject is even more separated (if that makes sense).

  • Put some orange in the highlights

  • Put some Teal in the shadows

  • Play with the calibration, especially the blue hue slider (to the left)

  • Play with the red and orange slider in HSL, get your skin tones to where you want them

Basically, this style really creates contrast with colors.

3 - Vintage & TONES

A look that stands the test of time. but why? that sentiment of nostalgia!

This style is somehow very popular for weddings. It's also very customizable. Have fun!

  • Muted colors with the oh so beloved "S” curve + Faded blacks & whites

  • Unsaturated (especially yellows and greens)

  • Brown/red shadows. Green highlights. But this is really up to you, the tones are up to you style.

  • if you want, add some grain (it's pretty).

  • Warmer colour, crank that temperature up a notch.

  • The biggest tip I can give you: Learn the RGB tone curve!!! (I really need to make a tutorial on this)

Basically, trying to recreate a filmic effect to inject some nostalgia!

4 - Moody

This style works on any images, but will work way better on images that have some mood already in it, like some fog, some rain, in the forest, on a morning mist, dramatic scenes, etc…

A style that's becoming more & more popular.

  • Deep unsaturated greens + underexposed warm colours

  • Underexpose your shot, make it darker!

  • Cool colours in split toning (experience; I like blues & purple but that's just me)

  • Fade the blacks (again)

  • Play with the dehaze slider (don't overdo for the love of god)

  • Pro tip: Use filters with dehazing to add "mist” or "fog” in your pictures

  • A good tip: play with the saturation of every color. For this style HSL is your friend!

Basically, making the picture more dramatic & giving it a mood.

5 - Tropical / GOLDEN

This makes your photos really tropical! Bright yellows and contrasty.

  • Yellow/orange in the highlights. Yellowish greens in the shadows (play with the tone curve, not only with split toning)

  • Saturated and bright yellows & greens

  • Lift the shadows, high contrast

Basically, Make your image sunny.

(to be honest, I'm sad that I don't have any tropical pics, but hey, this style is great when there’s other forms of green ahah)

Now that you know a little bit about those styles, feel free to explore them. Stay creative people! You can also download some of my presets (they are free). Use them, if you feel like it, give me a small reference (or not, am not your mother).

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