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There's a lot of resources out there, some are free, some are expensive, some are cheap. Over the years, I have amassed a few bits of knowledge and amazing resources you can find for free online! Thoses are high-quality stuff that anyone can use. As photographers and filmmakers it's nice to get our hands on anything that can help us in our creative process, ease it or even improve it. I will always welcome anything that can help in this regard. Here's the list.

Google Earth

This has been around since 2005. With the tech being constantly updated, it's now VERY INTERESTING! Everything is mapped out in 3D. All the major big cities & areas are to scale and you can basically travel the world from your computer. One amazing thing for ANY filmmakers and photographer: There's a real 3D relief and terrain almost everywhere. It's the perfect way to location scout from your home, I mean they even map out trees. I started using it more and more to plan sunrise and sunset shoots or even plan out drone shots. Let me show you Québec from my computer!

I'm using this tool more and more if it's a well known place you can pre-plan your shoot, look at the weather and when and where the sun rises or sets. But sometimes, it's good to go out and explore more of the wild side of nature, even there, you get the reliefs of the place you want to go to. Go and see for yourself, you won't be disappointed. Another great option for location scouting: Shot Hotspot. A map that tells you nice locations to go to to get some sick pictures. It goes hand in hand with google maps!


Lost+Taken is an online library of high quality stock photo of textures. CuteStockFootage is an online library of high quality stock videos of textures, effects, leaks, overlays & animations.I've been using theses for everything. They go really well together and their creators keep putting content on it. The quality is on par or even better than paid ones. You can use them as overlay on your videos, or to give a vintage effect to your photos, it's up to your creative mind. This can really up the quality of your content if it is properly used. Here's


The RocketStock blog is always up-to-date and their content is always pretty entertaining and has a bunch of resources to learn from. They share interesting subjects for filmmakers mainly, but photographers can also use most of them! They also have a bunch of resources like stock footage or sound effects. It's also super interesting as they dabble more into the world of After Effects. The power that motion design and graphic overlays can give to any kind of video wether it's a blog or a business video, it WILL help out for you to know techniques that give you the edge.


Youtube is a platform everyone knows about. But did you know they have a library of royalty-free music and sound effects? The music side of it is kind of generic and cringy sometimes, I personally don't like it very much. What's interesting is the sound effects library! It's filled with content and high quality sound effects. Another alternative that boast a bigger library of sounds but also it's harder to search is Freesound & ZapSplat