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YAY FREE stuff!

Came back from my trip in Peru and decided to create some basic presets. Some of them I have already used mostly in Iceland, Canada and Peru! There's 5 of them, here's a little description, but feel free to not read about it and just download it.

MIDAS: Really tropical! will brighten up your day, sunshine style!

midas - no.JPG

FALLOUT: Post-apocalyptic! Isolates subjects pretty well & also kills cool colors. I really enjoy using it on portrait at sunset or with a landscape + person. (A more advanced technique find the vintage section)


HAZY: Mood of Iceland! Adds purple to shadows, really good for earthy pictures like mountains or even our furry friends like the wandering sheeps!

Hazy - no.JPG

SIX:THIRTY: Your basic go-to preset. Contrasty, teal & orange, faded and punchy preset. Adjust the black and temperature slider for MOOD! (PS: I still use this one, it’s so simple yet so punchy!)

sixthirty - no.JPG

ROBIN HOOD: Faded forest? This is a preset that you'll love to use in lush green environments, very unsaturated. also it does pretty well with pictures that have a lot of colors in them.

robinhood - no.JPG

If you want a good tutorial about editing style in Lightroom to up your game, feel free to check out
my guide about it. A very helpful guide to create your Lightroom presets!