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Minimalism is fascinating. Decluttering your life, make everything more simple, free your mind of anything you don't need, Less physical needs for a better life. We all know what it is and how popular it's becoming. Another thing that is also very popular: Traveling! oh and why not throw filmmaking and photography into this bunch as well (well that's a clutter).

Here's a little guide on how to travel with only ONE backpack, with your gear, carry-on size!

Your bag is your home when you travel, unpacking it & repack it every single day. So it's really important to get a good bag that you love to carry around on your back while you move. For me, after years of research the Holy Grail - The PRVKE 31L bag. Yes it is small, but amazing and it has a roll top if you ever need more space! It can carry all your stuff in a way no other bag can. A good rule of thumb for traveling in this way: 40% personal stuff & 60% photography stuff. That is a ratio you will learn to love..

Carry less gear and only what you really need. My bag contains 3 lenses and 1 body. Mirrorless cameras are really great as they are smaller. If you are a gimbal\stabilizer user, you will need to sacrifice more or consider a bigger bag? and for tripods, they are big and cumbersome, maybe use a Gorillapod instead?

About clothes… Oh god. We are photographers & filmmakers, that means we prefer to carry an extra battery instead of an extra pair of socks. One word for anyone looking for good travel clothes: Baselayers (if you want wool, try to buy second hand, I know wool is a fabric very sought after for travel and for good reasons, but it's also not so humane). On the subject of clothes again, don’t buy cheap clothes, bring the essentials in high quality! For instance the baselayer lives with me 80% of the time! Another item you wouldn't travel without is a pair of good joggings with zipped pockets. ZIPPED POCKETS IS AMAZING! you won't be scared of pickpockets, your phone or wallet will not fall when you are in the bus AND you can also do any activities without the fear of losing any valuable in your pockets.

Before boarding, not everything needs to be in your bag. You can wear the heavier stuff on you before taking the plane. Carabiners are really useful. Water bottle hanger, used clothes bag hanger, boot hanger… you get the idea.

Travel gear list

  • My mirrorless camera.

  • 50mm 1.8 lens (portrait)

  • 14mm lens (landscape)

  • 24-240 lens (all-around)

  • Gopro with accessories (mouth mount is a favorite, try it, it's amazing!)

  • DJI Mavic Air in its small case + 2 more batteries & propellers. (this drone is so small yet it packs a punch and it's very solid, I've crashed it in snow, rocks, trees and it still flies like new)

  • A little shotgun mic.

  • A small case for all electronics (cables, chargers, lights, filters)

  • Gorillapod, use this instead of a tripod, smaller, and it's quite versatile, hangs on the side pocket.

  • 15-inch macbook pro + external hard-drive & cables

  • Camera strap


Travel clothing & personal items list

Remember that in this list, you will wear some items before taking off

  • 1 t-shirts

  • 1 merino wool shirt baselayer

  • 1 merino wool legging baselayer

  • 1 surf shirt baselayer, it blocks sun rays really nicely instead of sunscreen.

  • 3 pairs of socks & 3 boxers (you can always go commando)

  • 1 jogger pant

  • 1 pair of jogging with zipped pockets

  • 1 windbreaker, can't live without it, it backs up as a winter coat and helps with small amount of rain

  • 1 hat or beanie

  • 1 hoodie, and this backs up as a pillow!

  • Personal kit with - razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, glasses, etc… (girls might have a bigger kit)

  • Personal documents, like passports.

  • Power bank, This will save your butt.

  • a pair of Feiyue shoes (theses shoes are the thing, really)

  • A pair of small boots only if you go in cold climates.

  • Carabiners and a small lock

  • Water bottle, if you buy plastic in a region where the tap water is clean…

  • Travel dry bag, it also doubles as a day bag!

  • Microfiber towel

  • Headlamp

  • Food

I know this list is heavily catered to men, but a lot of it still applies for women as well! That being said, I am no women so take this advice with a grain of salt :)

Things NOT to bring, but hey I'm not your mother

  • Heavy shoes in hot climates for “hiking”

  • Your whole shaving kit

  • Regular towel

  • Airplane neck pillow thingy

  • A guide book (use your phone)

  • A Lonelyplanet guidebook (use your phone)

  • A guide book about the region (use your phone)

  • A guide book for tourist (use your phone)

  • A guide book for anything (use your phone)

  • Travel guides (use your phone)

  • Languages guide

  • Maps (use your phone)

  • A bluetooth speaker (bring headphones?)

  • Umbrella (wtf)

  • Pajamas

  • Mouthwash, really?

Thanks for reading :D, I really hope this little guide and the list of stuff helped you! Do you think being a minimalist in some aspect of life can help you? Will you reconsider some items you bring with you? If you are really into travel & filmmaking consider looking back, I post every week. And you can always follow me on my IG. Keep creating people, you are amazing!

*If you are the kind of photographer that shoots in very cold climates KUDOS! I hope this guide helps you too, but unfortunately, I don't think it will work very very well, unless you are a master-level minimalist :)